Skin Care – Spring Ready Skin!

moisturizerSpring is finally here! Your skin needs to catch up with the season though. After enduring winter’s blustering winds, bone-dry artificial heat and your furrowed brow, your skin needs some pampering. Cold weather is torture to the skin; you need to nourish it with ingredients that are perfect for healing and invigorating! Here are some of the best ways to get your skin back in shape before summer.

Bring Life Back to Your Skin with Hydration

One of the most common consequences of artificial heat and low moisture climates is that our skin loses its radiance. Dry, cracked skin can be extremely irritating and difficult to get rid of. Using a hydrating facial mask will get you back on track. Hydrating facial masks are packed with antioxidants and water-based moisturizers that will give your skin-deep relief and boost production of new skin cells.

A good moisturizer will also boost hydration and prep your skin for makeup application. Make sure your daily moisturizer is not oil-based as oil clogs the pores. Also avoid moisturizers with added perfumes as these usually contain alcohol, which will dry out your skin even more.

Lighten Up

Springtime means that there is increased humidity in the air and an increase in natural moisture for the skin. As a result, you can put aside the heavy creams and makeup you have been using all winter and switch to lighter products.

You will no longer have the need for dense moisturizers and thick foundations to cover dry skin. Instead, choose a moisturizer that also works as a sunscreen. Many lotions these days include SPF and tend to be lighter than your basic body sunscreen. Use this as a base for a light powder based makeup and you’re good to go! Protect your skin while presenting a flawless, fresh face to the world. 

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