Six Ways to Stop Adult Acne

It seems like a cruel joke that wrinkles and acne can inhabit the same face – didn’t we leave blemishes behind in high school? For 30% of adult women in the U.S., the answer is unfortunately no. Adding to the problem is that most over-the-counter treatments are geared towards teenagers, but adult acne usually stems from different causes and requires different solutions.

While doctors aren’t 100% certain what causes adult acne, they have linked hormone imbalances, some medications, stress and cosmetics as contributing to breakouts. So how do you help your skin to be healthy, beautiful, and acne free?

Toss your benzol peroxide and forget about salicylic acid. The first will bleach your sheets and clothing; the second will dry you out in patches; both will have little to no impact on your pimples. You can also get rid of any abrasive cleansers – abrasive gels only irritate sensitive skin.


  • Look for gentle cleansers like Cetaphil and Aquanil to wash away dirt and excess oil.
  • Wash your face in warm water – hot water is drying – with your hands or a soft washcloth.
  • Ensure you remove any remaining soap scum and dirt by using a good toner (not one with salicylic acid).
  • Moisturize with noncomedogenic , oil-free face lotion. This may seem counter-intuitive but your skin produces more oil if you try to strip all the oil off. Your goal is to achieve moisture balance, not create a desert.
  • Consider laser treatments which kill the bacteria behind breakouts.
  • Have regular facials every two weeks to exfoliate, hydrate and unclog pores.

The next time you come in to RedBamboo MediSpa, ask us what we can do for you and your skin. Great skin takes time, so start taking care of yourself today!

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