Reveal a New You with TCA Orange Peel Skin Treatment

If you’re looking for a skin care treatment that aggressively treats aging skin, the TCA Orange Peel treatment is the right choice for you. The physician only, TCA/salicylic acid peel, skin care treatment not only treats aging skin, it also removes sun damage from the skin. This treatment is a favorite among many because it shows amazing results after just one treatment. While many treatments do not provide dramatic results the very first time, the TCA Orange Peel treatment will reveal a whole new you.

This type of skin treatment is designed for those with light to medium skin tones. It is done using a concentrated trichloroaecetic acid, which can be altered to meet your individual skin care needs. The TCA Orange Peel skin treatment is one of the only treatments that WILL provide dramatic results that you will be amazed with. After the treatment is complete, new, younger looking skin cells will be left on the surface of your face. This peel encourages the regeneration of skin cells, so it not only provides dramatic results, the results will last.

Pain medication or a light sedation may be used before or during this type of skin care treatment because you may experience a slight burning sensation as the solution is applied to your skin, but nothing serious. The treatment lasts for 60 minutes and every area of the skin is treated to create an even skin tone and balanced results.

If you’ve been dealing with skin problems that don’t seem to respond to other skin care treatments, it’s time to decide on a treatment that really works. Millions of users know that a TCA Orange Peel skin treatment is the way to go when you want to reverse the signs of aging and have beautiful skin in just an hour.

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