Remove Unwanted Hair Once and For All

Do you have hair on areas of your body that is truly annoying to deal with? It can be a pain when you need to shave those areas time and time again, only to have it grow back in just a day or so. It is especially inconvenient when the hair is located in embarrassing areas like the face. For a woman, this can lead to lower self-confidence and some removal methods just make it worse. For example; shaving the area will eventually lead the hair to come in thicker, while waxing will leave your face red for several hours- hiding away from the public. The good news is that there are professional hair removal methods that will not only remove your unwanted hair- but keep it gone for good.

Laser hair removal in Florida surgery is a technique that uses lasers to kill the hair follicle and prevent future growth. The process involved you shaving the area prior to treatment so the hair follicle can receive the direct energy of the laser, and then using it to kill the follicles in one area at a time. This treatment can be done in one or several sittings, which depends on the amount of hair you are looking to remove and the locations of the growth. Once you have completed the treatment, you’ll never get hair back in that area which is more than a relief for those wanting it gone for good.

RedBamboo Tampa Medi Spa uses what is considered to be the “king of lasers” for their treatments. The Lightsheer Diode Laser System is the most effective hair removal laser system available on the market. This laser is especially unique because it uses a crystal point that cools your skin during removal, which eliminates the pain and discomfort associated with laser hair removal. It is also safe to use on many different skin types, so unlike other lasers, you don’t have to worry about skin damage occurring.

When you choose to have this type of beauty treatment done, you’ll first set up your initial consultation where you’ll discover how many treatments will be needed for your specific case. Once you have voiced any opinions or concerns, you can start creating a new- less hairy you that is due to raise your self confidence in many ways. You deserve to feel good about yourself, so planning a hair removal session along with some facial treatments is a great way to boost your confidence while using our professional services.


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