Red Bamboo Takes Over The Headlines This Holiday Season

Revolutionary Findings that Reverse the Damage from Skin Necrosis

With two appearances in a national and local publication, December has been a proud month for Red Bamboo.

Red Bamboo’s very own Dr. Toscano was featured in November’s issue of The Dermatologist for his recent piece on PRP therapy. 

Dr. Toscano’s article, “Reversal of Skin Necrosis,” illustrates his discovery of how platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy can help new and healthy tissue grow back in the wake of injury-caused necrosis.

This comes as a true honor, given that The Dermatologist journal doesn’t typically feature Non-Dermatologists. Dr. Toscano’s work in PRP is so groundbreaking that The Dermatologist was eager to share his findings with all medical professionals throughout the country.

Dr. Toscano’s expertise in PRP therapy and its application to necrosis is truly revolutionary. To date, no true protocol has been established for the treatment of patients experiencing necrosis as a result of dermal filler injection injury.

Many physicians have resorted to intensive surgical debridement as a solution, which can be emotionally debilitating for patients.

Since PRP utilizes the patient’s own blood cells and stem cells, it is a safe practice for patients with allergies or sensitive skin. It is a natural treatment that requires no down time and is far less invasive than surgery.

What’s more, this discovery goes well beyond repairing necrosis from an aesthetic procedure. It could be applied to those suffering from wounds such as diabetic ulcers, traumatic abrasions, pressure sores, and thermal injuries. 

Needless to say, Dr. Toscano’s amazing, ground breaking discovery is gaining national attention, and not just through The Dermatologist.

Dr. Toscano has now lectured to physicians in Miami at a PRP/Stem Cell Conference and has even presented to Dermatology Physician Assistants. He has also been invited to speak in 2018 to top regenerative medical experts who will meet at the Academy of Regenerative Practices in Bonaventure, FL.

Red Bamboo Earns Tampa Bay METRO’s “Best Medical Aesthetic Spa”

Red Bamboo is also delighted to be featured in this month’s issue of Tampa Bay METRO as the year’s “Best Medical Aesthetic Spa,” where we were described as “THE medi-spa leader in West Central Florida.”

We are proud to provide the very best care for our patients and are always striving to improve and find new ways to serve our community. There could be no better way to close out 2017 than to receive such affirmation of a job well done as represented by the features in The Dermatologist and Tampa Bay METRO.

We look forward to reaching new heights in 2018 and seeing our customers happier than ever.


Whether you’re looking to erase scars, stretch marks, lines, bags or wrinkles, hair loss, or excess body fat, Red Bamboo is West Central Florida’s best medi-spa for all of your needs!


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