Red Bamboo Participates in 3rd Annual Sparks of Light Event

Red Bamboo Medi Spa was proud to once again participate in the 3rd annual Sparks of Light Day this week, providing free facials and massages to cancer patients in our community.

What began as one woman’s dream in 1995 has become a nationwide–even worldwide–event.

After watching her mother suffer a 13-month long battle with cancer, Vicky Weis dreamed of a place where cancer patients could experience humanizing, tender loving care from spa therapists at no additional cost.In 2005, her vision became a reality at the opening of Faye’s Light, a nonprofit spa providing free spa treatment to cancer patients.

In 2014, Faye’s Light began a yearly challenge called the Sparks of Light Day, inviting spas across the country to participate in their mission. Since then, the spirit of spreading love to cancer sufferers has spread across the globe as spas dedicate one day each year to cancer victims.  

This past Monday, Red Bamboo  joined thousands of others for the third annual Sparks of Light Day. After serving three lovely ladies last year, we were excited to serve even more individuals in our community this year. By offering a relaxing and renewing experience to cancer patients through tender spa care, we work to remind them that they are loved.

If you or a loved one are currently undergoing cancer treatment, don’t forget to visit us on the next Sparks of Light Day for a free treatment!

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