The Real Reason Medical Grade Skincare Products Matter

8493931_sIf you go to the gym every day for an hour, but then head home to eat hot dogs and deep fried Oreos, your efforts on the treadmill won’t do you much good, because your diet negates all of your progress. The same can be said when you receive any type of beauty enhancement and then go home to use over the counter cosmetics.

A walk through any big box store will show just how many skincare products are available on the market. From cheap store brands to more expensive luxury varieties, the choices can be extremely overwhelming. But the bottom line is that none of these products can compete with the standards of medical grade skincare products. If you’re looking to smooth your skin, banish pimples, or boost elastin production, store bought products won’t achieve the results of medical grade choices.

In addition, store bought products tend to contain a higher number of preservatives to extend shelf life, but preservatives are not friends to your skin! With larger molecular sizes and lower quality ingredients, store bought skincare products simply can’t achieve maximum results.

Medical grade products are the only type you should be using, because they contain the highest percentage of active ingredients with the most superior quality and purity. The tiny molecular size of the ingredients allows them to penetrate the outer layer of skin and lower layer of skin, which is very important to achieve your desired results. Thanks to their potency, they are only available through licensed physicians.

If you’re looking to retexture your skin, reduce wrinkles, heal sun damage, revive pigmented skin, and support hydration, medical grade products will deliver results that you didn’t even realize were possible. On the other hand, if you receive a dermal filler or facial peel at your favorite medi-spa and then turn around and apply generic brand moisturizer and sunscreen to your face, you will immediately stunt the future benefits of your procedure.

The next time you head in for a treatment, be sure to ask your physician about the best medical grade skincare products for your complexion.

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