The Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask about Female Orgasm Disorder

Red Bamboo Medi Spa woman-with-doctor2-300x200 The Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask about Female Orgasm Disorder

Sexual health is a difficult topic to discuss. Even as our society becomes bolder and more outspoken, certain “bedroom” issues are still seen as sensitive subjects or sources of embarrassment. If you are a woman who has trouble reaching orgasm during sex, you could be one of the 33 percent of women struggling with a very common condition known as Female Orgasmic Dysfunction. Once you understand its causes, you can pursue the best and most cutting edge solutions to boost your confidence between the sheets.

What is Female Orgasmic Dysfunction?

An orgasm is the intense feeling attained during sexual stimulation, but many women struggle to reach orgasm even with sufficient sexual stimulation. There are many reasons for this that range from person to person. While there are many emotional and psychological factors that can contribute to this dysfunction, including stress, poor self esteem, depression, and relationship issues, there is a common physical issue that also causes FOD: vaginal discomfort. Whether from age, injury, or genetics, it’s all too common for the vaginal tissue to degenerate and cause pain or lack of pleasure during sex. Unfortunately, many women choose not to speak to their gynecologist or other medical professionals about this issue out of timidness or embarrassment, leading them to continue suffering in silence.

What’s The Solution? The PRP O-Shot

The O-Shot is a breakthrough regenerative medicine treatment that can help women permanently overcome Female Orgasmic Dysfunction and other sexual obstacles. The injection contains platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to generate healing in the vaginal area. PRP is well-known for its role in healing sports injuries and reversing signs of aging on the face, and now the O-Shot applies those same principles of healing to a new part of the body. Since platelets contain important growth factors that help the body naturally trigger its own healing, a PRP injection stimulates the growth of new, healthier cells and tissue. This simple procedure allows women to once again truly enjoy sex without feeling pain, discomfort, and disappointment.

Red Bamboo Medi Spa in Clearwater, Florida, specializes in the PRP O-Shot and is proud to help women overcome sexual dysfunction using their own stem cells. Call today to learn more, 727-726-6100.

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