How Does PRP Really Make a Difference?

prp1In the constantly evolving world of skincare, PRP has become a reliable constant. Once only used for helping professional athletes recover from sports injuries, PRP is now a mainstay in cosmetic enhancement. Are you familiar with the procedure and how it works its magic? Learn all you need to know, here.

An Overview of PRP

Platelet-rich plasma, known simply as PRP, is becoming so popular because it works so effectively to heal the body while still being completely natural and organic. PRP is actually obtained from your own blood. Your doctor draws a small amount of your blood and places it into a high-powered centrifuge that concentrates the platelets in the blood. Those platelets contain vital growth factors that, upon reinjection into the body, stimulate the skin to produce more collagen and elastin and ultimately heal.

PRP Benefits

One of the most popular uses of PRP for cosmetic enhancement is the “Stem Cell Facial.” This process involves PRP being massaged directly into the skin through thousands of micro-channels created by something called a Dermapen. As the Dermapen creates controlled injuries in the skin, the PRP then enters those microscopic injuries to generate intense healing. While this is happening, PRP is also injected into specific problem areas like pitted scars, lax skin, wrinkles, lip lines, and stretch marks.

The results of the “Stem Cell Facial” become visible within weeks and continue to improve over three months. Since the PRP continues to stimulate accelerated healing in the skin, the benefits just keep coming! This treatment is most effective when done two to three times every 12 weeks.

Many men and women are opting for PRP over other choices because it is a completely natural option. There are no chemicals, no additives, and no danger of the body rejecting the injection, since PRP is generated directly from each patient’s own supply of blood. If you’re looking for an effective, advanced, and reliable option for skin rejuvenation, PRP is your answer.

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