Make The Most of Your 9 Months With A Pregnancy Massage

When you’re pregnant it can feel like everything is out of place, bunched up and disorganized in your body. The baby that’s growing inside you is pushing everything aside to make room for its own growth and you have to live with the subtle aches and pains that go along with it. As well, it can get quite cumbersome carrying all that extra weight around for months at a time. What you really need to help ease your burden is a nice relaxing pregnancy massage.

The massages offered to pregnant women are structured to reduce stress while improving your circulation. You’ll feel a certain sense of relaxation afterwards that will be beneficial to both you and your baby. If you’re feeling stressed, you can be sure that this is being transmitted to the unborn child that you’re carrying around right now.

A massage for a pregnant woman is done extremely gently and the end goal is to leave you feeling more relaxed. Pregnancy is not a time to get your lymph glands cleaned out or to do any type of deep tissue massage. The gentle motions that we use here at Red Bamboo Medi Spa will help to increase the circulation while relieving any pent-up emotions that you may be harboring.

It’s not only you that deserves the special treatment but your unborn baby as well. Pregnancy is the time to really pamper yourself so that both you and your baby have a happy and healthy pregnancy term. It won’t be long before the baby is born and you will be running around the house grabbing diapers, getting the stroller ready for outings and preparing baby food. Now is the time to ensure that everything goes well for your upcoming labor by taking the time to de-stress with a simple yet relaxing pregnancy massage.

In order to offer this massage to our valued customers we will need to have a note from your Ob doctor before we get started. If you need any further information from us to provide to your physician we will be more than happy to supply it. Our goal, like yours, is to give you a relaxing yet safe massage that will help you physically, mentally and emotionally during your special months of pregnancy.

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