Take Back Control of Your Face with Permanent Makeup

How many times have you been caught off guard without your makeup on? The mailman arrives in the early morning to deliver a package, your best friend shows up out of the blue as you are stepping out of the shower or your mother-in-law arrives for a surprise visit on Saturday movie night when you’re relaxing in your PJs with a bowl of popcorn. It can happen any time and permanent makeup gives you the chance to be ready for anything.

There are a lot of other reasons why women choose to get their make up permanently added. Some have a scar that is preventing their eyebrows from growing in properly, some may have discoloration on their skin that they want permanently covered while others are just tired of spending half an hour in the bathroom in the morning getting ready for work every day. Actually, when you total up a half-hour of makeup preparation per day, it adds up to 182.5 hours per year, which is the equivalent of 7.6 days. That’s a lot of time devoted to make-up that could be better spent elsewhere!

How permanent makeup is applied

This procedure can be considered both a science and an art. Pigment is inserted in small amounts into the skin’s dermal layer. Specialized instruments are used and topical anesthetics are applied before the treatment. You can’t expect to receive a lot of pain but rather an itchy or tingling feeling as the procedure progresses. Cool packs can be applied after the anesthesia has worn off to sooth the area.

Once the procedure has been completed the color will appear 50% darker than it will in approximately 6 weeks to three months. During this time the top layer of color will flake off leaving the permanent color underneath. At the three-month mark you’ll need to come in for a touch up procedure to enhance the color and to ensure long-lasting results.


As the aging process starts to set in, eyebrows can start to thin due to over-plucking or hair loss. This can make you look older since your eyebrows tend to lift your face. Permanent brows can be added to bring back your youthful appearance.

Lip fill and lip liner

Aging also causes the loss of skin pigmentation and is very evident in the lips. Lipstick can cover up this condition but it doesn’t take long before it needs to be reapplied. You can opt for a complete lip filling or only have your lips lined in permanent smudge-proof color. In order to get the best look, bring along your favorite lipstick to get a perfect match.


Adding eyeliner enhances and defines the color and shape of your eyes to make them stand out beautifully. You’ll never have to worry again about applying eyeliner perfectly or having it smudge during the day, often at the most embarrassing moments. This is a great permanent treatment for people that wear contacts and have a difficult time with eyeliners overall

Permanent makeup can also be used to camouflage scars, beauty marks and to reconstruct the areola. This is truly the makeup of the future that will give you back control of your face and make you look your best 24/7. Never again will you have to worry about the doorbell ringing at odd hours of the day with surprise visits from friends or relatives.

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