Need to Heat Things Up between the Sheets?

coupleLet’s face it: what happens in the bedroom might not always look and feel like it does in the movies. But that doesn’t mean you should be left feeling dissatisfied, frustrated, or even uninterested. It can be incredibly defeating and confusing to want to enjoy intimate time with your partner but to feel unable to attain that enjoyment. While male sexual dysfunction is no longer a taboo topic, female sexual dysfunction is still only discussed in whispers. The inventors of the O-Shot aim to change all that by providing women with a way to gain back their sexual prowess. This “Orgasm Shot” could be the answer for any intimacy problems you are currently experiencing.

Regenerative Medicine to the Rescue

It’s very possible that your sexual dysfunction stems from discomfort during sex or trouble “getting in the mood” due to the problems that sex causes for you. The O-Shot can alleviate such issues by using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to generate healing in your vaginal area. Platelets contain important growth factors that help the body naturally trigger its own healing, so a PRP injection increases the concentration of platelets in your body. As new cells grow and tissue naturally regenerates, you’ll find that you’ll experience better sensation during sex without the worries of pain and discomfort.

The O-Shot For Many Types of Sexual Dysfunction

Low desire, difficulty attaining arousal, trouble achieving orgasm, and physical pain during sex are all real, legitimate bedroom problems. You might be experiencing just one or maybe all four.  The O-Shot can solve them by addressing the core problems and healing the body from the inside out. With the accelerated natural healing triggered by PRP, trouble between the sheets becomes a thing of the past.  Sex will no longer cause pain, it won’t require as much effort to achieve desire, and more! As an added bonus, the O-Shot can improve sensitivity in that area, making sex much more pleasurable than before you began treatment!

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