Medical Spas are for Men, Too

Every time you read an article with spas and cosmetics in the same sentence, the article is usually directed at women who want to look younger or prettier.

But, medical spas/cosmetic treatments are designed for men, too. 

Treatments with the Man in Mind

A man’s skin is assaulted every day by shaving and remaining unprotected from the elements all day. While very few men would wear a make-up there are other skin care products that can diminish the damage that the Florida sun causes everyone. 

Finding a medical spa/cosmetic service rather than your run-of-the-mill day spa, is the first step to reinvigorating your skin’s flexibility and tone. The next step involves choosing what type of service you feel comfortable about. 

Most manly men find that a facial of some sort helps relieve the problems associated with daily shaving such as acne and ingrown hairs. It’s a given that some treatments are more involved than others and some are lighter techniques for sensitive skin. 

Your medical spa/cosmetic center should be able to do a consultation and recommend the best option for the results you want. This eliminates the need for guessing and perhaps, selecting the wrong one for your skin issues. 

Relaxation and Massage Therapy

Men need massage therapy just as much as women do. Massages at medical spa/cosmetic centers are not the sissy type. Do your shoulders or back ache at the end of the day? 

These are deep muscle massages designed to relieve the pain and tension that builds up in your body over time. 

Massage therapy is often recommended by physicians for torn rotator cuffs and other torn ligaments, as well. Carrying heavy packages and twisting the wrong way is enough to set off twitching and spasms that generate painful waves shooting down your spine or arms. 

When you cannot sleep and is constantly trying to relieve the tension in his neck, head down to your local medical spa/cosmetic treatment facility and feel better fast. 

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