Massage: More Than Relaxation

Humans need touch. It’s as simple as that. Without touch, we get depressed, ill, and stressed. A newborn who is not touched will not thrive. A well done massage takes our need for touch to a new therapeutic level. It can not only relieve tension and stress, it can help restore muscle damage. It can help avert injury. Massage also helps keep your muscles loose and well-nourished, so that they can respond better when one is stressed. Massage boosts circulation, which can help cell growth and healing. 

Getting a full body massage is an incredible feeling, leaving the daily stress and tensions we all encounter a thing of the past. Just one hour of your time is all it takes to bring back a sense of peace and tranquility to yourself. Go take off your clothes, get on that massage table in a quiet room and get rubbed and kneaded with special massage oils and creams. Even a scientific study performed on heart surgery patients showed there was a noteworthy decrease in stress levels after massage. Reducing stress levels will help the body in so many ways, mentally and physically as well.

More oxygen will flow to your body and your blood circulation will improve a great deal. When stressed and tense, the body muscles just lock up, and incessant muscle tension leads to problems later on. You will find that by getting a quality massage, the body will start to relax, making many pains and aches simply disappear. Don’t underestimate your human need for gentle, platonic touch.

Remember that body massage originated and is considered an age-old healing art. Many people pay hundreds of dollars to professional massage therapists to attain the healing properties of an amazing massage. Others rely on their spouse or loved one to massage their back. A massage can relieve muscles, decrease stress, and offer a feeling of well-being. It also helps to dispense tissue as well as remove deposits of tissue found throughout the body. 

It is equally important to state that most of the ailments that people encounter in life are due to accumulation of fat and other unhealthy substances that hinder the proper workings of the body system. This is exactly what Body Massage is meant to take care of. One thing that a lot of people don’t think about is that it might also improve digestion. Poor circulation and stress can limit good digestion; massage easily relieves both these problems and improves blood circulation and digestion. Massage encourages relaxation, and increases the production of endorphins, a natural painkillers and mood enhancers, that create a sense of well-being. After receiving a massage, you become energetic, less anxious and your mood is improved.

The body massage therapist will also help you feel at ease during these 20 minutes or so, after which you are requested to undress in private. A robe would be given to you and they always make sure that their clients are very comfortable prior to the start of body massage sessions.


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