Massage Away Your Worries

Are you feeling stressed? Have your day to day activities run you down? Lucky for you, Red Bamboo Medi Spa offers great massages to help you unwind!

Did you know that experts estimate that upwards of 90% of disease is stress related? Did you also know that stress makes you age faster? Yuck! At Red Bamboo, you’ll get great services to help you melt your days stress away, and look great.

Let’s admit it, getting rid of anxiety and high pressure in today’s world would be a miracle; and a massage from Red Bamboo, without a doubt, will help manage that. The expert massage therapists at Red Bamboo utilize a vast collection of techniques to find the perfect massage method to meet your individual needs.

What types of massage are included?

Some massages include:

This is perfect for an individual who wants to relax. The light, gentle pressure in this massage promotes relaxation and eases muscle tension.

  • Therapeutic Massage

This particular massage method is for targeting trigger points, muscle spasms, and muscle soreness

  • Japanese Hot Stone Therapy

Thermal therapy utilizes smooth, hot Basalt Stones to open your body’s energy pathways for the ultimate healing and relaxation. This is so the ultimate Zen experience!

Are there more massages?

So you’ve had your taste of the teaser menu, now it’s up to you to go discover all the other wonderful relaxation massages they offer! Maybe you and your significant other could both use some de-stressing! Well, lucky for you two love birds, they offer Couples Massages! Ooh la la!

They even offer great, relaxing, Signature Pregnancy Massages for those of you mother’s to be!

So if you’re so over with being stressed out and just want a break- call Red Bamboo today! Admit it, you know you want it.

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