This Makeup Prevents the Dreaded Oil Shine

janeWe all know the struggles of oily skin, especially in the summer when no amount of preparation seems to effectively avoid unmistakable oil marks on the forehead and brow. But we also all know the woman who somehow manages to look perfectly un-oily- known as matte- any time of the day or night. That woman has a secret, and turns out it’s her makeup.

Stay Matte All Day with Jane Iredale

If you’ve never heard of Jane Iredale before, now is the time to Google her makeup line. Smooth Affair for Oily Skin Facial Primer is going to become your best friend if you’re trying to make it through the day without becoming oily. This primer uses the hottest technology to reduce the appearance of pores, minimize shine, and create that matte finish you’ve always wanted. After the primer, use Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer as a two-in-one foundation and moisturizer that also fights oil. Finally, Amazing Matte Loose Finish Powder can be brushed over your entire face to soothe your skin and absorb any oil that dares to show its shine.

Oil-Free at the Beach

You may have just rolled your eyes and said, “Yeah, right, a great complexion at the beach.” It sounds difficult, but Jane Iredale has you covered. You need a makeup product with an ingredient called acrylates crosspolymer, which absorbs oil very effectively and keeps you looking fresh in the hottest weather.

No Oil on Camera

How many times have you looked in the mirror to see a beautifully matte complexion, only to snap a few pictures with your friends and notice that you look like you just came from the gym? Cameras have a way of bringing out oil shine that would otherwise be invisible, and that’s frustrating! Try Absence Oil Control Primer by Jane Iredale. This transparent, weightless formula uses hydrated silica to absorb all excess oil without dehydrating the skin. Better yet, it can even reduce redness!

Since summer weather has officially arrived, pack your makeup kit so that you never need to be caught feeling oily again.

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