What is Lurking in Your Makeup Bag?

makeup1For most women, applying makeup is an ingrained part of the getting-ready-for-the-day routine, just as much as taking a shower and putting on clothes. If you apply makeup on a daily basis, you may want to rethink how and where you store your makeup, because it turns out that your makeup bag could very well be a breeding ground of undesirable germs and contaminants.

Chemicals, Preservatives, Additives

The fact that your makeup can last a year or two is all the proof you need that it probably contains a variety of chemicals and other additives. Parabens, for example, are preservatives used to help products last longer, but parabens interrupt the hormone system and wreak havoc on your body’s sense of balance. Parabens have even been linked to breast cancer tumors! Check all of your labels for anything containing parabens and toss those products immediately. Other synonymous terms to stay alert for include butyl, ethyl, propyl, and methyl.

Expired Cosmetics

Food isn’t the only thing that can go bad after sitting for too long. Just like you wouldn’t eat a pickle that had been sitting in a jar in the farthest reaches of your fridge since 2013, you shouldn’t use the makeup equivalent of that pickle either. Each type of product has its own lifespan, but anything at all that’s been around longer than 18 months should definitely be tossed out. Products that contain and support moisture, like liquid foundation, are breeding grounds for infectious bacteria and fungi, so you definitely don’t want to be lathering it all over your face!

Dirty Brushes

Have you been reusing the same brushes since you were in junior high? They may seem harmless, but brushes collect bacteria because they are frequently swept over your skin, and that bacteria can breed and multiple as it sits on the strands of the brush. Disposable brushes are safest, but not very environmentally friendly, so wash your brushes at least once a week. To effectively wash your brushes and not just make the problem worse, wet all brush hairs with warm water and a mild shampoo. Just make sure the hairs of the brush always point down so that the water can run out.

By following these few simple rules, you are likely to notice a more radiant complexion as your skin no longer has to fight away germs and bacteria to maintain its glow!

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