Looking Sexy at the Beach with Your Body…Hair?

You either have beach weather all year, or you wait all year for it. You train hard and eat right, while still managing a full-time job. Your goal is always to look your best, and the endgame starts when summer begins. Guess what time of year it is? That’s right, it’s pre-summer crunch-time – the last few weeks you have to make sure that you look amazing at the beach this summer. However, you may have been facing a worrying problem that has worsened as the summer approaches – body hair.

You have ‘worked your tail off’ for that sexy beach body, but what if that “fur” ended up somewhere else? A surely unpleasant full-grown moustache, armpits that, when opened, scream “pay the landscaper,” and a hairy bikini line that would even send Gene Simmons home to his wife. Do you really want your body hair to be the voice of such bad analogies? And after working so hard to get the perfect body, do you really think you can co-exist with…body hair?

Do You Want Your Body Hair?

You have body hair. It’s there. If you still have it when summer starts then you must secretly like it. We know body hair on women isn’t generally appealing, that’s just common knowledge. So it would only be logical that you would not want to have any, especially if you worked so hard for an appealing beach body. Then, it comes down to getting rid of your body hair. Surprisingly, having to read the bad analogies was the hard part.

You wax, it comes back. You wax, it comes back. Wax on, wax off. You get frustrated and give up on this ongoing process, and then the delays get longer and longer in between waxing. This gives the hair more time to grow in, become fuller, and much more beautiful…right? Sure. Let’s go with that. Well, it seems to be the case since so many women choose waxing over laser hair removal. Waxing is a temporary and painful solution to body hair, and the costs definitely add up over time. Laser hair removal will zap your pockets a bit at first, but in the long run it may end up saving you money.

Rejoice with Your Beach Body

Laser hair removal destroys growing hair and gets rid of it forever. This will result in practically 99% of your hair being removed for good. The other 1% is the result of hair growth from new follicles, which is only minor and often goes unnoticed. So, laser hair removal provides you with permanent results to an otherwise recurring problem. This means that it is truly the answer to your problem, or the “razor” to your perfect beach body.

There are many hair removal services made available to you. The main difference with these services is the location of the unwanted hair that needs to be removed. For example, a Brazilian laser hair removal will provide permanent removal of the pubic hairs. Perianal laser hair removal may be added to this service to also remove unwanted hairs from around that area. Maybe that’s going too far for what you need, but most of the other hair removal services are pretty straightforward – full face, chin, lip, ears, bikini line, hands and fingers, feet and toes, legs, arms, you get the point.

Laser hair removal is really a minimal expense considering its rewarding benefits. The enhanced body appeal will take a backseat to the amount of confidence you will gain once you get rid of this problem for good. It’s your body and you should go for it if you see a change that’s for the better. Laser hair removal is a prime opportunity that will help you your best for the beach this summer. But remember, to say hello to your beautiful skin, you must first say goodbye to the hair covering it. 

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