Lip Care Tips

lipsOur lips can tell us a lot about our bodies if we pay attention. They way they look, from their texture to their color can mirror how healthy we are internally. Of course, since our lips are in constant use throughout our lives, they can develop all kinds of damage. We have some tips that can make taking care of your lips much more straight-forward.

Don’t Leave Home Without Lip Balm

It is very important to wear lip balm with sunscreen in it when we leave the house. Most of us forget to care for our lips in the summer. We apply sunscreen all over the rest of our bodies, but leave our lips to face the sun without protection. This can cause lips to become flaky and dry, or to even burn. The best thing to do is to buy lipstick or lip balm with sunscreen, or apply a bit of sunscreen directly onto them.

Cold Can Also Damage

In the winter, our lips can also suffer from cold. We get chapped lips that can be quite painful if we don’t treat them. There are lots of over the counter lip options to turn to if you suffer from this in the winter months. Even some Vaseline will do the trick.

Diet is Key

Eating a good diet can also help your lips look and feel great. When you eat what you are supposed to in a balanced way, you get the right minerals and vitamins that your body needs. This shows in your lips and throughout the rest of your body.

You can see that taking care of your lips means taking care of your body, as well. We have very intricate systems, so we have to take care of them. Something as small as applying a bit of lip balm if it is too cold or if the sun is out can make a huge difference.


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