Line Up Now for Your First Diamond Facial

Red Bamboo Medi Spa skin-pores-300x251 Line Up Now for Your First Diamond Facial  Diamonds do more than look pretty on your left hand. As just about any Hollywood A-lister can tell you, diamonds also serve an incredibly valuable purpose in skin care as well. If you’ve ever watched the red carpet or browsed pictures from the Oscars or Grammys, you can bet that most of the star achieved that gorgeous, flawless skin with the help of a diamond facial. But this procedure is available to the general public as well, not just the rich and famous, so make your appointment now!

What Exactly Is a Diamond Facial?

No, your face doesn’t become studded with diamonds. A diamond facial is actually a gentle yet effective treatment that works its magic by removing dead, aged skin cells. Youthful, unmarked skin cells take their place to provide that unmistakable glow.

Different spas use different techniques for their diamond facials, but the same general rules remain the same. A state-of-the-art diamond cut handpiece equipped with a vacuum is used to remove dead skin, excess oil, and other unappealing “gunk” from the outer layer of the skin. As the unhealthy skin disappears, the newer skin is coated in a serum that helps the skin repair itself even further and minimize any irritation.

It’s a very simple procedure that hardly takes 30 minutes! The diamond wand works its way across the face and neck to serve its purpose, and then the results become apparent.

What Are the Benefits?
The reason that celebrities love this treatment before any red carpet appearance is because the diamond facial hydrates skin while minimizing hyperpigmentation, acne, and pore size, leading to bright and evenly toned vibrant skin. Far less makeup (if any!) is needed to feel completely beautiful, and whatever makeup is applied won’t have to fight with existing dirt and residue to find space on the skin.

Of course, the results don’t last forever because skin cells will always naturally age and collect unwanted residue, but all it takes is a bit of at-home care to stretch the benefits for a long time to come.


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