Laser Hair Removal is More Than High-Tech Plucking

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that can have some rare and relatively minor risks with it. So anyone seeking the benefits of it should make sure of the credentials of the technician or doctor who will be performing the procedure.

Well-trained practitioners shouldn’t be hard to find, though, given the growing popularity of laser hair removal that has made it the third most requested non-surgical procedure in the last couple of years.

Consider the benefits:

  • There is only mild discomfort, unlike plucking, cuts from shaving, or waxing.

  • It lasts. After a few treatments, some people even experience permanent hair loss.

  • It can be used to remove hair at any location on the body, whether the legs, bikini area, chest, face, back, or arms.

  • There is no down time and there are no irritations, bumps, or cuts. The laser targets the hair, removes it by the root, and leaves the skin unaffected. It is completely non-invasive.

  • Targeting is fast and precise, so hair can be removed from, say, the upper lip, in a moment.

What to expect

When preparing for a laser hair removal treatment, avoid plucking, waxing, or electrolysis for about six weeks beforehand. Since the laser removes the hair by the root, the root must be present. Also, stay out of the sun for six weeks before and after since exposure could complicate the procedure.

Once at treatment, the technician will trim the hair to be treated close to the skin. The laser apparatus will be adjusted for skin color and for the hair type, color, and location. Usually there will be a spot test run to see how you react to the laser.

After treatment, there may be some redness or swelling, which can be cared for with cold packs or lotions. In rare cases, there could be blistering or scarring.

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