Large Pores Explained

skin poresThere’s no reason to dance around the truth: large pores are a pain. Not only are they bothersome and often unattractive, but they are also difficult to eliminate. With the right skincare products and routines, you can finally reduce the size of your pores permanently.

The Science of Large Pores

Oil naturally moves through your pores and onto your face to hydrate the skin, and with normal oil production the pores maintain their size. However, when the hormones that regulate oil production become imbalanced, too much oil mixes with dead skin cells in the pores to cause a traffic jam of gunk. As the clog continues to prevent oil from flowing freely, the pores become enlarged in response.

Enlarged pores give oil a better opportunity to flow through onto the skin, but the system is hardly perfect.  Enlarged pores are noticeable and usually result in blackheads as those larger pores once again become clogged with oil and skin cells.

How to Fix the Problem

Fixing enlarged pores is a process of preventative measures and careful skincare. First, stop using skincare products that are thick, greasy, or have creamy textures, since they will immediately clog your pores. But you also need to be careful not to dry out and irritate your skin, which will only lead to more oil production as your skin tries to stimulate hydration. Replace your old skincare products with a few select options.

First, try a medical grade Retin-A which works powerfully to restore the skin. Use another product loaded with antioxidants to fight damaging free radicals and keep everything balanced. Cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing are the three golden rules of skincare that will help large pores recover to normal size. It’s also worth exploring a few cosmetic procedures like clay masks, peels, or microdermabrasion that work wonders on damaged and oily skin.

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