What is Lamprobe and How Can It Help Me?

DCF 1.0While you may have never heard of Lamprobe, it is a highly effective, non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses a small medical instrument (a probe-like needle) to quickly and efficiently treat skin conditions (i.e. skin tags, cholesterol deposits, age spots, clogged pores, benign moles, fibromas, keratosis, milia/whiteheads, vascular legions, subcutaneous cysts and cherry angiomas).

As a completely cosmetic procedure, women and men of all ages with minor, non-cancerous skin conditions can benefit from a Lamprobe treatment, which is performed on an out-patient, in-office setting. Although this treatment may need to be repeated several times for optimal results, in most cases, a topical anesthesia (numbing agent) is not required, and the entire procedure typically lasts about five seconds per body section. During a Lamprobe treatment, a medical professional uses the probe to seal off blood flow to the treatment area.

How Does it Work?

The theory behind the treatment is quite simple: blood is naturally drawn towards the heat sources emitted from the probe. The heat vaporizes the treatment area cells, killing them instantly and ensuring they never return. The dead cells peel off (chemical peel) leaving healthier, newer skin and no scarring!

Another benefit is the quick recovery time—most Lamprobe patients are able to resume their normal activities within 24 hours and notice a positive change in the treated area within a week. It is important to consult with a trained medical professional (i.e. a board-certified dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or a licensed aesthetician) to know for sure if you are a good candidate for this cosmetic enhancement procedure.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the effectiveness and value of a Lamprobe treatment. If you’re considering this treatment, you’ve come to the right medical spa!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is Lamprobe?

The Lamprobe is an instrument (i.e. probe) that rapidly and successfully treats a variety of common skin conditions such as moles, age spots, and skin tags. These treatments are designed to restore your skin to its healthy, vibrant, and youthful state.

Is Lamprobe right for me?

Men and women of all races and ages are eligible for these treatments.

Where is this procedure performed?

In most situations, these treatments are performed in a plastic surgeon’s office, a medical spa, or a dermatologist’s office.

Is anesthesia used?

No, topical anesthesia is not necessary during a this treatment.

What happens during the Lamprobe procedure?

The Lamprobe (i.e. probe) emits radiofrequency energy that is applied to your skin for about five seconds per shot. When the heated probe touches your skin, blood flow to the treatment area is sealed off, causing a chemical peel effect.

How long does it take to perform the procedure?

While some patients may require multiple treatments, each shot typically lasts about five seconds.

What is the recovery time?

You should be able to resume your normal routines within 24 hours of receiving the treatment.

What are the possible complications?

This cosmetic procedure is virtually pain-free and risk-free. Although uncommon, some patients may experience slight redness, scabbing, or a pinching sensation immediately following the treatment. These side effects are temporary and should subside within a few days.

How much does Lamprobe typically cost?

These treatments typically cost about $35.00 per lesion.

Get Back to Beautiful

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