What Should You Know about the O-Shot?

If you’ve noticed that sexual satisfaction no longer seems within your reach, you aren’t alone! Nearly half of all women have difficulty achieving orgasm, but very few are willing to speak up about the problem. Compared to male sexual dysfunction, which is widely advertised and remedied, female sexual dysfunction has remained unresolved. Until now! Red Bamboo Medi Spa in Clearwater, Florida offers the PRP O-Shot, a ground-breaking treatment that can easily, quickly, and painlessly improve sexual satisfaction by rejuvenating vaginal tissue and eliminating the problems that prevent orgasm.

The PRP O-Shot Will Transform Your Intimate Moments

You deserve to enjoy sex, not suffer through it. The O-Shot makes it possible to achieve orgasm, escape pain during intercourse, improve natural vaginal lubrication, and so much more. PRP is a totally natural treatment tool obtained from your own blood and concentrated to contain a powerful quantity of platelets. PRP is loaded with growth factors and stem cells, so as soon as it is injected into vaginal tissue it attracts additional stem cells and stimulates tissue regeneration. Healthier tissue makes it possible to enjoy your time in the bedroom without any pain or discomfort.

This Isn’t the G-Shot!

Before the O-Shot was invented, some doctors offered the G-Shot, a treatment that used dermal fillers in an off-label way to increase the size of the g-spot. The goal was to enhance sensitivity and increase sexual friction, but the treatment was often imprecise, ineffective, and responsible for causing side effects like granulomas. The O-Shot is significantly safer and more effective than the G-Shot because the O-Shot is not a filler; instead, it utilizes a natural substance from your body to encourage accelerated healing that would normally never occur.

It is very important that you only trust an experienced and certified professional to complete your O-Shot. The experts at Red Bamboo Medi Spa have been using PRP in treatments since 2010, and Red Bamboo is one of the few practices in the Clearwater, Florida area certified by the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association to perform the O-Shot. Call (727) 726-6100 to make your appointment and regain your pleasure in the bedroom!      

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