Did You Know Fillers Can Be Injected Here?

41837358 - beautiful female hands. spa and manicure conceptWhether you’re a longtime facial filler patient or just considering an injection for the first time, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that facial fillers can actually be injected in places other than the face! Though injectables are best known for their ability to fill wrinkles, resolve lost midface volume, and rejuvenate tired skin, the FDA has now approved multiple alternative uses that are going to send you running for your nearest certified injector.

Fillers for Younger Hands

The skin on your face sustains a great deal of damage over the years, but what about your hands? Have you ever stopped to really examine your hands and take note of how much they show your age? Your hands may be sunken, hollow, and lacking the youthful volume that you once took for granted. In the matter of a few minutes, a dermal filler can restore all of that volume to make bulging veins and the “spider-effect” disappear.

In the words of Dr. Ranella Hirsch, president of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery, “The newfound acceptance of non-invasive light devised and filler materials has remarkably changed the ‘face’ of hand rejuvenation. By using some of the newest technologies to restore lost volume and remove sun damage, we can reset the clock.”

Fillers to Battle Cellulite

Yes, you read that correctly. In the right situation, a filler can actually be used to relieve serious cellulite. Cellulite is one of those pesky and nearly inevitable effects of aging that haunts even marathon runners, triathletes, and Ironman competitors. When pockets of fat are fractured by vertical bands of connective tissue, the trademark hills-and-valleys cellulite forms as a result. Permanent solutions are still in development, but fillers can be used to temporarily treat selective areas of dramatic and embarrassing cellulite.

Just as a filler adds volume to the face to make wrinkles disappear, it can do the same thing under the skin to help the cellulite valleys rise evenly with the rest of the skin. This means that if you want to wear teeny bikini bottoms in the summer without feeling self-conscious about that one large spot of cellulite on your thigh, you can! Dermal fillers last anywhere from six months to two years depending on the type and application, so seek professional advice to determine how you can transform your body and regain your confidence.

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