Is IPL the Solution to Your Hair Growth Problems?

If you are a woman with a bit more than peach fuzz on your upper lip, then your self confidence is probably taking a hit. Likewise, if you are a man with enough hair on your back to stay warm in the winter without a sweater, then you may not be feeling like a β€œ10” either. For issues like those and more, there are Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) skin treatments.

IPL is one of the latest skin treatments on the market, utilizing a non-invasive photo rejuvenation process to resolve age spots, vascular lesions, uneven skin tone, and red spots. One of its most popular uses is for hair removal on the face and body. IPL has tremendously advanced since its first introduction into the medical field more than 20 years ago, and it continues to bring spectacular results to those who wish their hair follicles to be fewer.

Imagine what life would be like if you never had to pick up a razor and shaving cream again. Next-day stubble would not be a problem and ingrown hair would be a nightmare of the past. With a few treatments of IPL, this will all become a reality for you. Now let’s take a look at why IPL is the solution to your hair growth problems.

Benefits of IPL

Whether you are a man, woman, or child, there are benefits of IPL treatments for everyone. What is even better is that any body part can be safely treated, including the face, back, bikini area, underarms, and eyes. Although IPL is considered one of the most successful methods for hair removal, there are some other equally important benefits.

Save the Screaming for Excitement Only – If you have ever had any body part waxed, then you understand why they scream on television during this procedure. Sometimes it feels like they should pay YOU to endure such torture. With IPL’s cooling hand-pieces, your skin will not become irritated and will feel nothing but comfort during the procedure.

Go on Your Lunch Break – IPL is such a quick and convenient procedure that it literally can take only an hour. One of the added benefits is that, unlike traditional waxing, there is no need to grow out your hair. With no post-treatment discomfort, you can immediately continue going about your day.

One It’s Gone, It’s Gone Forever – A broad-spectrum light is applied to the targeted area, where it converts to heat energy and safely transmits through your skin. It then targets hair follicles and causes thermal damage to the root of the hair. This ensures permanent results because IPL also compromises your body’s ability to regrow hair in that area ever again!

As you see, there are many reasons to remove your hair with Intense Pulse Light treatments. Keep in mind that, to achieve optimal results, you will most likely require more than one treatment. After the first treatment, you can expect to see a 20–30% reduction in hair growth. However, after about six treatments, you will be hair free at last. Permanently!

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