Introducing the Most Popular Spa Treatment – Can You Guess What It Is?

If you guessed a massage you’d be absolutely right. Research shows that massages are the most popular spa treatment booked overall with pedicures and facials coming in second and third respectively. What makes a massage so popular? Perhaps it is the comforting feeling that it gives as you lie back and de-stress. Maybe it’s the healing effect that leaves you feeling better physically with long-lasting effects.

When you visit a spa for a massage you can expect to see your stress and tension levels improve and you’ll actually feel your tight muscles relax as the stress releases. High levels of stress can actually cause a chemical reaction in your body causing an accumulation of waste products in your muscles. A massage can break down these waste products and help with the elimination and decongestion of them, which in turn will boost your immune system. This is why you feel so light and wonderful after a massage.

The best thing about a massage is it is gentle and creates small but effective changes within the body that you can experience easily. There is a type of cleansing process that occurs during a massage that helps you get rid of toxins as nutrients and oxygen are pumped through your tissues.

Facial massages also help to clear out accumulated toxins, acids and chemicals in order to release a glowing complexion that’s really always been there but has just been hidden. A head massage will stimulate the sebaceous glands and blood vessels at the surface to help in the secretion of oils. Don’t be surprised if you see your hair appearing full of life and glossy after a massage or two. Your hair will finally be getting the moisturization that it has desperately been crying for, perhaps for years.

Everyone will experience something different with their own massage. Sometimes you won’t even be able to explain it in words. If you’ve never had the chance to lie down on a massage table before and completely give yourself in to a calming and relaxing treatment, you’re really missing out on something that can transform your life. This is one of the most deeply relaxing and healing experiences available and it is all only a phone call away.

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