Introducing DNA Analysis & Genetic Counseling and Bioidentical Hormone Therapy!

RedBamboo Medi Spa is pleased to bring  the innovative new services of DNA Analysis & Genetic Counseling and Bioidentical Hormone Therapy to our clients and patients. Please read below for information on these services and call the spa at 727.726.6100 for more information and to book a consult.

DNA Analysis & Genetic Counseling

The purpose of DNA Analysis and Genetic Counseling by REDBAMBOO is for you to learn whether or not you carry mutations in your DNA that increase your risk of developing certain diseases. Our DNA Analysis Panel tests for genetic markers for heart disease, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, seven different forms of cancer and more than a dozen other disease conditions with genetic predispositions.

For EACH of the 25 conditions listed below, the DNA Analysis Panel will tell you whether your risk of developing that disease is greater than, less than or similar to the general population. Using numbers and graphs, you will be able to compare your risk level with others.

The DNA Analysis will also compare your ‚Äúlifetime risk‚ÄĚ of developing a condition to the ‚Äúlifetime risk‚ÄĚ for the general population.

Finally, for each condition, we explain what portion of the risk comes from genetic as opposed to environmental factors. This is crucial and very useful information. You may not be able to control your genetic make-up, but you CAN make lifestyle choices that affect the environmental factors that contribute to the development of disease. If you have a genetic predisposition to develop a certain disease, it becomes important, then, to understand whether it makes sense to expend the effort to control environmental factors that affect development of that disease.  

Your DNA Analysis and Genetic Counseling Program includes a detailed counseling session with a Board Certified Physician who will explain your results and offer advice.

Conditions Covered by DNA Analysis:

Breast Cancer                        

 Heart (Coronary Artery) Disease         


Lung Cancer                          

Atrial Fibrillation                               

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Colorectal Cancer                   



Gastric (Stomach) Cancer       

Peripheral Vascular Disease                


Bladder Cancer                                   

Venous Thromboembolism                

Thyroid (Grave’s) Disease

Prostate Cancer                       

Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2)              

Multiple Sclerosis

Skin Cancer                            


 Celiac Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease                


Macular Degeneration

Some Common Questions:

Q:  If I have the genetic marker for a disease, does that mean I will definitely get it?    

A:  No, having a mutation that increases your risk does not mean that you will definitely develop that disease. Likewise, if you do not have a genetic predisposition toward a particular disease, it does not mean that you cannot develop it.

Q:  What good is genetic testing? I can’t do anything about my genetic make-up.

A:  It is true that you cannot change your genetic make-up but you CAN use the information from your DNA Analysis to manage the risks in your life and be more vigilant about danger signals associated with those diseases.

Someone with a genetic marker for Colorectal Cancer, for example, may choose to start getting regular colonoscopies at an earlier age and at more frequent intervals than the standard recommendations. A woman with an increased risk of developing Breast Cancer may become more conscientious about performing breast self-exams and may get more frequent mammograms. If one spouse has a genetic predisposition to develop Coronary Artery Heart Disease and the other does not, a DNA Analysis of the children may help parents decide if early cholesterol screening would be a benefit for their children.

Q:  Is the program covered by health insurance?

A:  Even if your health insurance company is willing to pay for DNA Analysis and Genetic Counseling, we STRONGLY advise you to pay for this program privately. If your insurance company agrees to pay for the program, you can be sure that they will insist on receiving a copy of the results. Are you confident that your insurance company will continue to provide coverage for you if they find that you have a genetic predisposition for certain diseases?

The final form of National Health Care Insurance is likely to be in flux for the next several years. There is no guarantee that promises made now that the results of your DNA Analysis will not be used as a basis to deny you coverage may not be kept in the future.  We advise you to use this information to manage the risks in your life, but to keep this information private.

Q:  Should I share this information with my private physician.

A:  This is a very difficult question. On one hand, we do not recommend ever withholding medical information from your private physician especially if that information can help your physician make correct decisions about your health care. On the other hand, your private insurance company may be able to gain access to records kept by your physician. Private insurance companies will not necessarily always act in your best interests. If DNA Analysis demonstrates that you may have an increased likelihood to develop certain diseases, we recommend that you have a frank discussion with your physician about managing the risks associated with those diseases.     

A Note About Confidentiality:

We believe that you are entitled to know the details about your own genetic make-up, but we also believe that NO ONE ELSE should have that information unless YOU choose to share it with them. At REDBAMBOO Medi‚ÄĘSpa, you have our pledge that we will NOT share your DNA Analysis with anyone without your express written consent unless we are required to do so by a court of law.

BioIdentical Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical hormones are an exact replica of the hormones that are naturally produced by the body. The difference between bioidentical hormones and synthetic hormones is that, although both are created in labs, synthetic hormones are not identical to the hormones naturally created in the body and bioidentical hormones match the  body’s hormones molecule by molecule.

The great appeal of bioidentical hormones is that they are natural, and our bodies can metabolize them as it was designed to do, minimizing side effects. Synthetic hormones are quite strong and often produce intolerable side effects. Moreover, the compounded bioidentical hormones can be matched individually to each person‚Äôs needs ‚ÄĒ something that‚Äôs just impossible with mass-produced products.

We offer a comprehensive evaluation, which includes a physical exam and specific laboratory evaluation. This comprehensive diagnostic panel, which is included in the price, determines exactly where one‚Äôs hormone levels stand, so that we can customize a wellness regimen that’s tailored meet the individual‚Äôs needs.

Depending on what the symptoms are and which hormone(s) one’s body needs, we may choose to prescribe bioidentical hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid hormones, DHEA,  or others as needed.

Men suffering from the symptoms of andropause or women suffering from menopause or perimenopause, can turn to bioidentical hormones to replace the natural hormones that have declined as their bodies have aged.