How Skin Care Treatments have Advanced over the Years

Throughout the years there have been many different studies on the conditions that occur with skin, how different factors cause problems for the skin like pre-mature aging and how different methods can be used to correct these issues and create the best looking complexion possible. A dermatologist at Harvard University even went as far as to creating a chart called the Fitzpatrick Scale, which puts everyone’s skin into a different category based on a numerical scale. This scale was created by subjecting different types of skin to UV lighting and determining what happens when the skin is exposed to different amounts of light.

Through this research and different clinical trials on different cosmetic procedures, the options available for skin care have grown dramatically. Skin care professionals once only provided small treatments that were basically only effective in brightening up the skin, but today you can get everything you want to change the appearance of your skin and these options vary from filling in sunken areas on the face to lifting away the dead external layer of your skin. The advancements to these treatments have also made it possible to correct the different problems that have occurred due to aging or overexposure to the sun. Even series issues such as hyperpigmentation can be corrected through a series of bleaching agents that can even out your complexion once again.

Skin care experts have also found that some at home treatments may be too abrasive for self-use and can actually damage your skin. Certain strong chemicals such as AHA are sold at very high concentration so that you can do at “at home cosmetic peel”. Unfortunately, many people cause severe damage to their skin every year when they use these treatments. While treatments have advanced greatly, so has the knowledge of the importance of professional skin care. If you’re looking to achieve real change with your skin, using a professional skin care company is always the best route to take and the only way to ensure that damage will not occur.

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