Have You Considered Electrolysis

If you haven’t heard of electrolysis, you may be wondering exactly what this type of treatment is? Well, electrolysis is a hair removal process that works to removal individual hairs off the face and body. However, once the hair is removed through the process of electrolysis, it will not grow back. This type of hair removal process is done by destroying the hair growth center with a chemical and then heat. Once the area is open, a small probe is placed into the hair follicle to destroy it completely and the piece of hair is then removed with tweezers. Almost all areas of the body can be treated with the method of electrolysis. These areas include; eyebrow, face, stomach area, legs, arms and back. There is very little to no side-effects to this type of hair removal process, other than reddening of the skin.

Electrolysis is a great option for areas where hair growth is not typical on a woman, nor wanted. By using electrolysis in areas such as the upper lip, or bikini hair, this embarrassing unwanted hair will be gone for good. Each electrolysis treatment lasts for about 20 minutes to one hour. The amount of sessions needed depends on each individual case, but generally the patient will come back once or twice per-week until the hair is completely removed from the area. The reason that several sessions are needed is because of the time consuming process of removing each individual hair.

The process of electrolysis is generally pain free. Certain areas may be more sensitive than others and an anesthetic can be used on these areas to prevent stinging. Actually, electrolysis is the only FDA approved process for permanently removing hair from the body effectively. There is also a common misconception that continues removal of hair through other techniques will eventually kill the hair follicle and hair will no longer grow back. This belief is untrue, along with the belief that electric tweezers can permanently remove hair. Only when the hair follicle is killed through an extensive process can the hair be prevented from growing back.

If you’re considering getting electrolysis, you may want to set up a consultation prior to the treatment. Many companies will offer a free consultation where you can discuss the process in more detail, and explain what you are looking to achieve from your electrolysis treatments. You may want to inquire about the tools the company uses during the electrolysis process. Some companies will use tools that will not effectively remove the hair, so you want to be sure that they use needle electrolysis, not electric tweezers. Some companies also claim to offer electrolysis, when they are actually offering a temporary hair removal service, so knowing your facts is important for getting the right treatment.

The cost of the electrolysis treatment in Tampa varies depending on the company you use. However, the price generally runs at about $150-200 per session. The amount of sessions you’ll need can also be discussed at your consultation, so you’ll know what to expect price wise. 

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