Have You Considered Dermal Fillers?

Botox is one of the most common procedures used for removing wrinkles from the face and tightening up the area, however the use of dermal fillers is slowly becoming just as popular. The process of dermal fillers offers numerous benefits to the patient, with one of these benefits being a younger looking appearance. Both men and women have used this treatment to successfully treat their lines and wrinkles and other imperfections on the face. Derma can be used to cover up old acne scars, craters in the face and any other area that has caused damage to the deep skin layers.

The benefits of dermal fillers do not stop there. They are also used on the cheek areas, where the skin may have sunk in with age or is simply not as plump as you’d like it to be. When derma fillers are used on this area, it creates plump and healthy cheeks on your face, which helps improve the overall appearance of your dermal filler procedure. This process changes the entire look of your face, even though it is only used in four areas on the face. When applied to cheeks, around the mouth, nose and forehead, it takes years off the patient’s appearance. Not only does derma make you look younger, it also helps your skin to radiate because of the collagen stimulation. You can choose which area to target during the treatment. For instance, if your mouth needs improvement, but your forehead is fine, you can opt for one area to be treated alone.

Dermal injections are unique because it is said to actually help reverse the aging process, while providing immediate results. The process of dermal filling is done by injecting the derma into areas of the face that need to be treated. When the dermal enters the deeper layers of the skin, it stimulates the collagen, which is known to reverse the signs of aging, while slowing them down, as well. It is fills in the area under the lines and wrinkles, which makes them disappear. The benefits from the actual dermal injections will last for different amounts of time, depending on the individual.

When you meet to discuss you dermal filler procedure, you actually have the choice of deciding just how much dermal you will have injected into your skin. You can have just a little if your problem areas are small, or choose the highest level, which will create a plump and full appearance on your face. You may want to discuss this option with the person performing the treatment, because too much derma on a face without enough damage can cause an unnatural appearance.

Derma is a non-medical procedure, so you don’t have any downtime at all once it is completed. You can go back to your normal schedule, and if you are in any pain, you can take a light painkiller to help you feel better for a day or two. If you’re considering getting dermal fillers done, many places can provide you with something called a photo analysis. This analysis gives you the opportunity to see what you would look like after the procedure, so you’re able to see the results before having the treatment completed. For more benefits about dermal fillers you can read throughout our blog for more information. 

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