Has Work Left You with Frown Lines? Here’s How Botox Can Help

If your job is stressful or you work long, unforgiving hours, it’s likely that your standard expression is a frown. This is especially the case when you’re staring at a computer screen for hours on end, squinting in the harsh light of its artificial glare!

Frowning might seem fine when you’re young, but as you grow older, your face starts to display signs of your repetitive facial expression, in the form of deep, unflattering lines in between your eyebrows.

What Action Can You Take?

By far and away the most effective action you can take to combat frown-lines is to book a Botox treatment. There really is no other cosmetic procedure that can compete when it comes to providing a smoother, younger appearance once more.

Botox is different to other dermal fillers, in that, rather than plumping out the wrinkles, it focuses instead on freezing the muscles that cause the frown, creating an instantly smoother appearance.

Understanding How Botox Works on Your Frown-Lines

The full name for Botox is actually onabotulinum toxin; and as the name suggests, it is a toxic substance. However, before you get alarmed, you should know that the doses used for cosmetic treatments are minimal and will cause absolutely no ill effects in the body.

These small doses of toxin, when injected, work on the muscles in the affected area and effectively freeze them into place. This means that no matter how much you frown, you won’t experience frown lines. The Botox will minimize them extensively, or even eradicate them completely.

Saying Goodbye to Frown-Lines Today

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