Greasy Foods and Acne – Is There Really a Connection?

We’ve all heard a lot of stories when it comes to acne and one of them is that greasy foods can be one of the causes. While eating greasy food is definitely not good for you, it is actually a myth that it can cause acne.

Greasy food is not going to do your heart any good or your weight level. Tiny molecules of fat will travel into the veins in your chest and will store themselves as fat in different places on your body. While you’ll have to deal with diabetes, heart disease and obesity as a result of eating too much greasy foods, it does not play a part in an acne breakout.

What causes acne?

There are certain glands that produce something called sebum. This sebum helps protect both hair and skin from pollutants and also keeps them looking silky soft. When too much sebum is produced the glands can get clogged, which leads to blackheads, dead cells, and pimples. When too many of these develop the immune system gets upset and acne begins.

Generally speaking, hormones play a major role in accelerating the process. Hormonal changes that can occur as a result of stress, puberty, obesity, and pregnancy can cause acne. As well, sugar and dairy products can also upset the hormonal balance and insulin levels leading to an acne breakout.

Of course you’ll want to avoid greasy foods and eat as healthy as possible to keep your immune system in check to avoid any nasty acne flare-ups. You’ll also want to regularly schedule deep facial cleanings to keep the skin pores unclogged. Acne can be handled by watching what’s happening with your body internally and by keeping your face as clean as possible on the outside. When you address acne both from an internal and external viewpoint, you’ll be able to get things under control a lot faster and more efficiently.

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