Good Skin Summer Foods

healthy foodsStudies and experts say that when it comes to skin, we are what we eat. Summer means barbeques, picnics and snacks on the beach! While on vacation, though, it’s easy to forget to maintain good nutrition. Remember these easy tips and you’re sure to have a glowing complexion to go along with your new tan!

Mind the Grease

Summer snacks are notoriously greasy. Amusement parks and beachside resorts tend to serve the fast-food variety, but don’t be tempted! Grease in the stomach can lead to grease on the face. Avoiding fried foods and saturated fats can help prevent oil production in face glands, some experts say. Easy alternatives to burgers do exist. Try leaner meats, like turkey, and press the patties after grilling to remove some excess grease and fats.

Get Plenty of Iron

Diets rich in iron help skin stay bright and reduce complexion dullness. Iron can be found in various meats, fish and lentils. Lentils are an easy addition to a summer salad to give it some extra texture. Many kinds of fish also include Omega-3 fatty acids that help with skin radiance and hair growth. If fish really isn’t your thing, consider iron or Omega-3 supplements in pill form or as liquid to add to smoothies and shakes.


Staying hydrated will help flush out skin toxins and keep your skin smooth and elastic. In the summer, sweating under the sun can cause you to lose more liquid than usual. Compensate for this with lots of water and low-sugar drinks. Try brewing green or black tea in the sun and then letting it chill overnight in the fridge. Lemonade is also a great go-to drink. The citrus includes Vitamin C to help clear blemishes and provide your skin with rich antioxidants!

Keep your skin health in mind this summer when shopping for food. Good sun protection is important, but nutrition is as crucial to a radiant complexion. Skin is your largest organ, so keep it happy and healthy!

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