Get Your Skin Ready for the Summer in Five Easy Steps

It’s that time of year again… when the sun is shining and the bikinis officially get pulled out of the closet and put to good use once more!

Summer is a wonderful time of year, and if you live near a beach or have your own pool, it’s the ideal occasion to whip off those clothes and enjoy soaking up the rays (safely, of course). However, sometimes, your skin can really let you down, especially if it’s looking a bit pasty, pale or downright dull.

Get Your Gleaming Summer Skin Going On!

It’s not too difficult to get your skin glowing for the warmer months, as long as you put some preparatory work into it. Here’s our top tips to help you enjoy silky-soft, gleaming skin that you can be proud of.

1)    Stay hydrated. We all know how important water is in keeping us fit and healthy. But did you know it’s also vital for the health of your skin too? It’s the most natural way of detoxing your system and flushing out unwanted toxins, which can make your skin look lifeless.

2)    Get exfoliating. It’s time to get the loofah and get scrubbing! Regular exfoliation will help to get rid of the unattractive dead skin cells, leaving fresher, younger looking skin beneath. If you really want to look younger this summer, try a microdermabrasion session or a chemical peel.

3)    Have a massage. Massages are wonderfully relaxing and are also great for skin rejuvenation. It will help boost your circulation, which in turn can ease the appearance of cellulite and dimples; and it can also give you a really healthy looking glow.

4)    Moisturize. Some of the best moisturizers for your skin are natural, such as olive oil or coconut oil. Make sure you’re not using any drying products, and that your skincare regime provides moisture where you need it most.

5)    Stay protected. Tempting though it is to sunbathe for hours on end, it’s not worth it, for the sake of your health. Enjoy the sun, but enjoy it safely, by wearing the right SPF sun-cream. This will also help prevent your skin from becoming damaged by the UV rays.

Beautiful Summer Skin Today

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