Get Back into Balance with Japanese Hot Stone Therapy

Japanese Hot Stone Therapy uses smooth Basalt stones to balance your energy through relaxation. When you’re looking for the ultimate massage that will leave you feeling light and refreshed again, this is the one to choose. This is a therapeutic massage that uses a gentle touch. When you’re not up to a deep treatment after a hard week at the office requiring painful kneading you’ll want hot stone therapy instead.

In some cases you will be given light massaging strokes that will help the stones release toxins and unblock the energy channels in your body. In other cases the therapist won’t even need to touch you except to position the stones.

History of Hot Stone Therapy

This therapy was used between 3000 to 5000 years ago. Even Native Indians in the southwest were using hot stones as a form of wellness treatments years back. The Romans also used hot stones in their ancient baths. There is nothing more relaxing and balancing available and even years ago stones were recognized for their healing powers.

The origins of the stones

The Japanese stones used in this therapy come from the hot mineral springs in Japan that have served as an oasis of healing power across the country for years. These springs contain volcanic stones that are known to absorb heat and then retain it. These types of hot stones are called Basalt stones and you have to have them placed on you to understand why they are so special. There’s just something about these types of rocks that gives you back your inner sense of peace.

Benefits of the hot stone therapy

Here are just a few of the many benefits you can expect from this ancient Japanese treatment.

  • Relieves stress in both the body and the mind
  • Can relieve physical pain
  • Blood circulation improved
  • Calming
  • Enjoy a better sleep
  • Releases toxins
  • Promotes deep relaxation in tissues and muscles throughout the body

The stones are placed onto your body and you will also receive long gentle massage strokes that will give you the ultimate sense of well being. When you need a relaxing yet rejuvenating massage to get back into balance turn to Japanese hot stones. You’ll feel the stress melt away right into the stones during the process and will feel lighter when you leave than when you first walked in.

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