What are Facial Fillers and Why Do You Need Them?

Red Bamboo Medi Spa botox-eyes-300x200 What are Facial Fillers and Why Do You Need Them?  Cosmetic facial fillers have completely transformed the ways in which you can enhance your facial features and eliminate unwanted signs of aging from your skin. From Juvederm and Radiesse to Belotero, these fillers each serve a specific purpose that, when applied by a Master Injector like Dr. Toscano at Red Bamboo Medi Spa, will naturally and subtly enhance the skin to your specifications.

How Do Facial Fillers Work?

Each line of fillers uses a unique formula to improve and enhance the skin. Juvederm, for example, is a collection of hyaluronic acid fillers that can be used to lift and contour the cheeks, smooth parentheses lines and folds, plump the lips, and smooth vertical lip lines. Hyaluronic acid is actually a substance found naturally in the body that delivers nutrients to the skin, helps the skin retain its volume, and enhances the skin’s moisture and softness. When utilized in a dermal filler, hyaluronic acid acts like an inflated cushion to fill and support facial tissue that has lost volume and elasticity due to age. Since hyaluronic acid also brings water to the skin’s surface, it helps the face look supple and refreshed.

The dermal filler Radiesse also plumps the skin, but rather than hyaluronic acid it uses Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA). The CaHA provides immediate volume and wrinkle correction as well as the added benefit of stimulating the body to produce more of its own natural collagen. This double-purpose formula helps Radiesse treat moderate to severe wrinkles and folds while also healing the skin from the inside out.

Belotero, another facial filler offered at Red Bamboo Medi Spa, offers a softer, smoother hyaluronic acid formula that is ideal for superficial injections in fine lines and wrinkles and to fill in delicate areas like under the eyes and the tear troughs. Unlike other fillers that serve the main purpose of rebuilding facial volume and structure, Belotero is formulated to completely integrate with the skin tissue to provide gentle, subtle results.

Why Use Facial Fillers?

The passage of time automatically impacts the skin as wrinkles form, the cheeks lose volume, and the body produces less and less collagen. Facial fillers can help you overcome these unwanted signs of aging in a simple, safe, and effective way. Each dermal filler lasts a specific amount of time, usually between 12 and 18 months, so you can enjoy long-term anti-aging solutions that are easy to maintain.

By working with Dr. Toscano, Red Bamboo’s Master Injector, and his team of experienced and professional aestheticians, you can utilize the best filler to make your unwanted signs of aging disappear. Call (727) 726-6100 to make your first appointment!

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