Experience The Power of Intense Pulse-Light Therapy

Light. It’s a marvelous thing. When a new day begins, we feel rejuvenated. When the sun shines and we bask in its warmth, our moods are uplifted. Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, is vital for many bodily functions.

However, the rays emanating from our nearest star have a down side. Increased exposure to ultraviolet light can negatively affect our skin and hair. These unpleasant effects range from bleached, dried-out tresses to rough-looking skin, wrinkles, and—much worse—tumors (some of which are life-threatening).

Yes, light has its benefits and drawbacks. But until recent decades, the wonderful entity we can’t live without was not harnessed to improve our appearance.

Where It All Started

First came laser therapy. It was viewed as a boon for individuals with skin abnormalities ranging from fine lines to unresponsiveness to face lift procedures. However, this type of remedy is not for everyone, and comes with its own set of side effects: injuries including burns from the heat of the laser, permanent scars, pigment changes and uneven skin coloration, cold sores, and bacterial infections.

Then came intense pulse-light therapy (IPL). Like laser surgery, this new generation treats a wide variety of skin problems. Unlike laser surgery, there is virtually no recovery time. One can have the procedure and be back to a normal routine almost immediately. And, even better, IPL is an effective treatment for the unsightly condition known as rosacea—a skin disorder that has not responded well to laser therapy. In addition, while the earlier procedure involves one wavelength, IPL utilizes a variety, taking into account the patient’s individual skin type, coloration, among other factors. Since the outer dermal layer is not affected, there is no down time while the skin heals.

It’s a whole new world in the field of non-invasive skin treatments. The choice is clear.


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