Everything You Need to Know about Sexy Eyebrows

43729544 - beautiful fashion luxury makeup. long eyelashes, perfect skinIt wasn’t so long ago that skinny, barely-there eyebrows were the hottest style. That sentiment has changed dramatically today, and 2016 can officially be declared as the year that bold brows came to stay. When teenager Peaches Monroee coined the phrase “eyebrows on fleek” in 2014 to describe eyebrows that look truly incredible, Instagram followed with hashtag #brows and #browsonfleek. More than 500,000 YouTube tutorials are available regarding eyebrow design, with one in particular boasting more than three million views. If you want to capitalize on this brow craze, now is the time!

The Best Shape For Your Face

Many women have used tweezers too aggressively in the past, causing the eyebrows to no longer follow the natural curves of the face. If you need to essentially “restart” your brows, you first need to determine the shape of your face. For heart-shaped faces like Kerry Washington’s, all you need to do is follow the way your arches naturally rise and fall. For rounder faces like Selena Gomez’s, you’ll need to play with a few styles to see which works best with your appearance. Extending the bridge of the brow out as long as possible, for example, lets you move the arch out slightly and bring a more heart shape into your face.

Meanwhile, those with square faces like the lovely Sofia Vergara already have very defined features and need a softer brow shape to balance it all out. Keep the arch within the natural turn of the brow, or you might create a more masculine look than you’re going for. Long and oval faces like Jessica Alba’s also need to stay soft on the arch.

Define Your Shape

Once you have selected the shape of your brows, you may need some extra grooming to achieve the look you want. The hairs of the eyebrow alone can’t always make it happen. You’ll want a spoolie brush to coax hairs up for lift and volume, a tweezer to remove unwanted strays, and a brow pencil to add pigment to areas that are too light. Just be sure to avoid brow pencils with too much wax, since they can stick and clump.

If you don’t want to worry about styling your own “fleek” brows every day, you can also go to a medi spa to have them tinted and shaped. Just like coloring your hair, tinted brows retain the color that you select for extra emphasis and drama.

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