Is Electrolysis Hair Removal Permanent? And Other Important Questions

laser hair removal 4Many misconceptions surround the world of hair removal, mainly because “Laser Hair Removal” is actually “Laser Hair Reduction.” The terms are used interchangeably, which causes many people to assume that laser hair removal lasts permanently for a lifetime. In truth, electrolysis hair removal is the only method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal. If you’ve already dreamed of crossing hair maintenance off of your to-do list, this is the procedure for you!

How Does Electrolysis Work?

Electrolysis used a very, very fine needle no larger than the size of a single hair and inserts it into the natural opening in each hair follicle. When a small current force is sent through that needle, the cells that cause hair growth are automatically destroyed. Many people fear that the procedure will be painful, but thanks to modern technology it is really nothing more than a slight warming sensation.

It is important to note that electrolysis does not deliver instant gratification. A series of treatments is required to complete the hair removal process, and it takes time for all hair to fall out and leave your skin silky smooth. Most patients return once a week as necessary, and each treatment can last between 15 minutes to an hour based on the part of the body being targeted. Patience is the name of the game with electrolysis.

Can Electrolysis Be Used on All Skin Types?

Yes! Your hair and skin color don’t matter for electrolysis since the hair follicles themselves are directly targeted. Treatment can even be done on just about every part of the body including the upper and lower lip, eyebrows, jawline, face, breasts, underarms, stomach, bikini area, legs, back, fingers, and toes.

With electrolysis, you can safely and efficiently remove any unwanted hair. You never need to shave or wax again, and you can just continue to enjoy silky skin without the burden of body hair.

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