Which is for You? Electrolysis Hair Removal or Laser Hair Reduction?

laser therapyIf you’re tired of shaving and frustrated with waxing, you may be looking for an alternative means of hair removal that leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth without any of the inconvenience of shaving and waxing. You’re in luck! Electrolysis hair removal and laser hair reduction are both popular, reliable, and proven techniques that effectively remove unwanted hair from your body. However, they are different procedures, one more intense and permanent than the other, and you may feel that one or the other is best for your exact skincare needs.

Electrolysis: Devotion for Permanent Results

Electrolysis uses heat energy to destroy the growth center of each individual hair follicle. Since the growth center is completely destroyed, regrowth becomes impossible, allowing for permanent hair removal. Electrolysis is actually the only FDA-approved treatment to deliver permanent hair removal.

During electrolysis, an extremely fine needleonly the size of a strand of hairis inserted into the natural openings of the hair follicle. Heat energy is sent into that follicle to destroy the growth cell. This might sound uncomfortable, but modern technology actually makes it nearly unnoticeable. Most patients report feeling a slight warming sensation, but nothing else.

Given the nature of hair growth, more than one electrolysis treatment is required to completely kill all hair growth cells. You can expect to return every few weeks or months until complete hair removal has been achieved.

Laser Hair Reduction: Dramatic Results for the Long Term

Laser hair reduction is commonly called laser hair removal, but the word “reduction” most accurately reflects the outcome of the procedure. Laser hair reduction shines a concentrated beam of light into the pigment of your hair. When the pigment absorbs that strong light, the follicle becomes too damaged to grow in the future.

However, it’s important to note that the laser works most efficiently when the hair is in a certain stage of growth, so it can take a handful of treatments to target all hairs. The results often last permanently, but some hairs make a second appearance a few years down the road. If the hairs do grow back, they are thinner, shorter, and less sparse than before.

Overall, both hair removal options will deliver smooth, sexy skin that lasts a very long time. Your level of commitment will ultimately determine which you should select.

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