Dermal Skin Fillers

If you’ve never heard of fillers, or you’ve heard about them, but aren’t quite sure about what they can do for the appearance of your skin, you may be surprised to learn about how great they can be. Fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures because the results are noticeable, and they create a youthful, yet very natural appearance. By learning more about what fillers do, how they are used and the process it takes to get fillers, such as the popular dermal, you can determine if this process if the right one for your skin enhancement needs.

The process of getting fillers done, such as dermal fillers, is completed in a way that is similar to the popular method of Botox. Through a series of small injections within the skin, the filler is placed under the layers, but it creates a result that is much different than that of Botox. Dermal fillers are used to fill out areas of the skin that have lost collagen overtime, which creates wrinkles and sinking in of the skin. By injecting the filler into different areas the skin, the fullness of your skin will return and your youthful appearance will begin to make way.

When you are having fillers injected into your skin, you with first have a consultation that will determine the amount of injections you’ll need to have, along with the areas where you face will be best suited by the filler injections. Some of the most common areas where the fillers are placed include; the mouth, cheeks, forehead and areas around the nose where there may be deep, pronounced wrinkles that have appeared.

Once you have set up your appointment, the actual injections only take a short amount of time. They may be completed within a time frame of 20 minutes to an hour, which depends on the amount of filler you’ll need and the type of filler that is being used. After the injections are complete, you will need a few days for your skin to adjust and then you’ll notice the results from your fillers. They can last anywhere from 3 months to a year, depending on your skin.



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