Daily Collagen Shots for Radiant Skin

model1Would you believe that you can combat aging and rejuvenate your skin by taking shots? No, not the type of shots you buy during a night out with your friends, but daily collagen shots. Dubbed as “beauty liquids,” these collagen shots rebuild and strengthen skin by feeding your body the very thing it lacks: extra collagen.

How Does It Work?

Yana Daily Collagen Shots include a blend of clinically proven ingredients for a unique formulation that heals the skin from its deepest levels. Hydrolyzed collagen peptides, phytoceramides, biotin, and antioxidants create a formula that essentially serves as a collagen supplement. This is based on the traditional Chinese belief that consuming foods heavy in collagen will resort the rejuvenate the complexion. Since most Americans consume foods totally devoid of collagen, this “beauty liquid” fills that void.

The collagen shot distributes vital collagen through the blood to the deepest layers of skin, which helps to stimulate and regenerate fibroblast cells, those responsible for producing even more collagen and hyaluronic acid. With daily use, the shots continually keep this process going so that the skin never stops healing and rebuilding itself.

Undeniable Results

The results almost seem too good to be true, but numbers don’t lie. Studies show improvement to the appearance of fine lines in more than 70 percent of participants in just 30 days, as well as improvement in skin elasticity, pore size, and skin hydration. Many users also report clearer, less acne-prone skin and a general radiance that was never there before.

If you want to supplement your microdermabrasion, facials, or PRP injections, Yana collagen shots are the perfect choice. You’ll reverse the natural loss of collagen occurring in your body while giving your skin the tools to heal its own damage. It’s truly the path to radiant skin that begins from within.

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