Consider the Lamprobe for Skin Irregularities

Are you having trouble with skin irregularities that won’t go away? If so, the lamprobe may just be the answer that you’re looking for. This instrument can remove these irregularities without having to penetrate into the surface of the skin. Conditions such as cholesterol deposits, broken capillaries, cherry angiomas, fibromas, telangectasias, milia, skin tags, clogged pores, keratosis and simple pimples can be helped using this lamprobe. It’s just like having an eraser for skin abnormalities.

How it works

The lamprobe combines high frequency and radio technology to get rid of skin irregularities. Liquids are automatically attracted to sources of heat and this instrument releases the heat with various probes. Treatments are done on individual skin problems one at a time and it usually only takes a few seconds to get these conditions minimized. Some types of conditions will disappear immediately such as blood spots or smaller skin tags while age spots will take a few seconds to vanish.

There is very little discomfort associated with this treatment and healing time can vary from one or two days for a skin tag to up to three weeks for larger problems like fibromas. There is no anesthesia necessary and you can get back to work immediately.

In some cases where there is major work to be done 2 treatments may be required. Usually complete correction of any condition can be expected with only 1 or 2 treatments and they will be scheduled approximately 4 weeks apart from each other.

Skin tags – These are small pearl drops appearing on the surface of the skin and they can multiply as you age. They are easily removable with the lamprobe and usually only require one treatment.

Fibromas – These are small tumors that are non-malignant, which are composed of fibrous tissue. They can be very small in size and a skin tag can be considered to be a small fibroma. They can become quite large but these too are also easily taken care of using the lamprobe. Even the large fibromas usually only require a maximum of 2 treatments and this process can be run on any type of skin type.

If you’re having any kind of problem with skin irregularities this is the easiest treatment option for most of them. You’ll be in and out of the office usually within 15 minutes and can head out the door to follow your usual daily routine. The lamprobe instrument can make changes to your appearance that can be absolutely life changing.


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