Cheap Botox and Filler Prices – Buyer Beware

Recently many advertisers have been offering steep discounts on Botox and Dermal Filler prices. While everyone enjoys a good deal, when it comes to Botox and Fillers, you should be extremely careful. If you come across pricing that is extremely low, you’re most likely buying illegally imported Botox or Fillers from Canada, Europe or even China. These products are not safe to use. Don’t risk your beauty by being injected with un-safe product from sources unknown.

One example of this issue gone widespread is through the popular deal website Groupon has been offering ½ off discounts on Botox and Fillers from businesses across the country. These Groupon prices are so cheap because the companies offering these deals are not using USA FDA-approved Botox purchased from Allergan. Along with importing Botox into the country illegally, these businesses were also diluting the Botox as part of the Groupon deal. With complaints filing in from unsatisfied customers, Groupon recently reached a settlement with Allergan, the makers of Botox and Juvéderm, prohibiting Allergan products on Groupon without strict prior approval from Allergan.

Another way that local businesses are able to offer discount pricing on Botox and Fillers is by buying expired drugs from countries like China. There is an international black market for expired Botox and Fillers. Expired product is bought and shipped to China where it is repackaged and sold to local businesses willing to “risk” it in the US in order to increase profits. Several local practices have already been caught doing this and are now facing federal prosecution. The danger of using this repackaged Botox or Filler is clearly evident, and the prices associated with them should not persuade you into making a dangerous mistake.

Illegally imported Botox and Fillers from other countries is extremely dangerous. Imagine having your Botox or Filler procedure go wrong. If you have a reaction or problem with the illegal product, Allergan will not offer any type of support. Oftentimes the illegal Botox has not been stored at the proper temperature. When this happens, the Botox begins breaking down and the quality of the product diminishes rapidly. Once injected into a patient, the Botox does not work as intended and problems begin to surface. Neither Allergan nor the physician’s malpractice company will compensate you for damages that you suffer from the injection of illegally purchased products.

Don’t let this happen to you. At Red Bamboo we are committed to each of our customers, and only offer the highest quality services and products available. We only use FDA approved Botox Cosmetic ® and Juvéderm dermal filler from Allergan. We also only use authentic Radiesse® and Belotero® dermal filler from Merz Aesthetics. Red Bamboo is a member of Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions® Program and a Gold Level Allergan Provider. We work closely with the manufacturers of these products to ensure complete satisfaction each and every time we use them. We strive to keep our prices as low as we can for our patients, and urge you to carefully assess these fraudulent Botox and Filler “deals” before buying.

If you have any questions regarding Botox or Fillers please feel free to contact us for more information. Our medi spa services are regarded as the top in the industry today and we have recently been presented with the “Best Aesthetic Practice” Award by Dr. Drew Ordon from the hit T.V. show, “The Doctors”. Don’t risk harming your body for the sake of price. Visit our Botox and Wrinkle Filler page, and schedule an appointment with Red Bamboo today

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