Can Massages Erase Painful Migraines?

massages for migraines

If you are wondering if massages can ease painful migraines, the answer is yes! In fact, massages can alleviate a variety of migraine symptoms such as: throbbing, aching and/or pulsating neck and forehead pain, light sensitivity, one-side temple pain, dizziness, visual auras, fatigue and mental confusion. If you regularly suffer from chronic migraines, massaging your main pressure points can help reduce the tension and relieve your headache pain. Moreover, massages will not only eliminate stress, they will also improve circulation in the constricted and/or congested area. If you are looking for migraine relief – you have come to the right place. This article will help you get rid of those painful, annoying, debilitating and downright pesky headaches in no time at all.

Which massages work best for migraines?

A variety of massages can be beneficial for painful migraines. Shiatsu, neuromuscular, deep tissue, craniosacral and reflexology massages have the best success rate when easing uncomfortable migraines.

How can a shiatsu massage reduce migraine pain?

A shiatsu massage uses an acupressure approach to ease pressure and alleviate pain and tenderness. During a shiatsu massage, a massage therapist places pressure on your tender spots in an effort to release the tension and lessen the pain. If possible, it is best to get this type of massage from a professional, but if this is not an option, there are a few steps that you can take to achieve migraine relief.

Listed below are some helpful ways to quickly ease your painful migraine:

  • First, apply pressure to your tender spots.
  • Second, take your middle and index finger and gently press on the center of your forehead (the area between your two eyebrows).
  • Third, take your thumb and middle finger and apply considerable pressure to the base of your skull (directly above your spine). Make sure to press down on each tender spot for approximately ten seconds to ease headache pain and pressure.
  • Fourth, repeat these steps until your migraine eases or dissipates.

How can a neuromuscular massage help relieve my migraine pain?

A neuromuscular massage (also called “trigger-point therapy”) places considerable pressure on your trigger (pressure) points and tender spots in an effort to release compressed nerves and relieve migraine pain.

Can a deep tissue massage reduce my migraine symptoms?

Yes, deep tissue massages can reduce your migraine symptoms. In fact, deep tissue massages are especially beneficial if your migraine stems from overworked, fatigued and/or overactive neck, eye and/or back muscles. It is important to note that this type of massage should only be performed by a licensed massage therapist. A deep tissue massage will not only release your tension and relax your muscles; it will also improve your mental focus and concentration. During this massage, a massage therapist will increasingly deepen the pressure on your key pressure points and tender spots until your muscle relax and your migraine eases.

Will a craniosacral massage ease my painful migraine?

Yes, a craniosacral massage can ease a painful migraine. This type of massage concentrates on relieving migraines caused by tense scalp nerves. During this massage, the massage therapist applies pressure to the base of your skull and scalp. Although this massage is best performed by a professional, you can try this massage at home by taking your fingers and massaging the base of your skull and the back of your neck in a circular motion.

How effective is reflexology in providing migraine pain relief?

If you have tried everything else, you may want to give reflexology a try. Reflexology massages concentrate on the various sections of the foot because these areas appear to connect to various parts of your body. In other words, if you massage the top of your toes, you may experience migraine relief because the nerves in your toes travel throughout your body to your head and brain. So to answer your question, reflexology can effectively relieve painful migraines.


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