Botox Cosmetic® Injections & Xeomin® offered in Clearwater & Safety Harbor FL

Botox Cosmetic®

Botox Clearwater Tampa LogoWrinkles and lines no longer need to be an inevitable part of aging. Botox treatment relaxes muscles that cause unsightly wrinkles. Facial shaping with Botox can safely and effectively lift and shape the brow and soften wrinkles, smile lines, frown lines and other dynamic lines for a more youthful and rested appearance.

Administered by Red Bamboo’s skilled physician, Dr. Frank Toscano, a Botox treatment takes only a few minutes, yet the beautiful results will last for months. All injections are administered only by Dr. Toscano. Dr. Toscano has recently been recognized by Allergan as a “Master Injector”.


xeomin logo clearwater tampaXeomin (pronounced zee-oh-min) is a neuro-modulator just like Botox, and is presently the number one neuro-modulator in Germany. Xeomin is made by Merz, the makers of Radiesse and Belotero.

Like Botox, Xeomin is used to decrease wrinkles between a patient’s eyebrows and to soften other facial wrinkles such as smile lines and forehead lines. Xeomin inhibits the activity of the muscles in the face that cause wrinkles.

The main difference between Botox and Xeomin is the protein coat. The protein coat around the Botox molecule delays the onset of its actions for a week or so. Xeomin, without the protein coat, starts acting much quicker – often within only a few days. And every major study comparing the two demonstrates that Xeomin lasts just as long as Botox and, unit for unit, it is equally effective.

Although Dysport is less expensive per unit than either Botox or Xeomin, it is also much less effective. About three times as many units of Dysport need to be injected for the same effect so the final cost to you is about the same. Also Dysport tends to spread a bit more than the other neuro-modulators making eyebrow droops and lid droops more likely. At Red Bamboo, we use Xeomin and Botox exclusively as our neuro-modulators. We always purchase our products directly from the manufacturers and NEVER import foreign products from Canada or Asia.

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