Botox and Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

You’ve no doubt heard about Botox®, the “wonder drug” used by millions of men and women in the U.S. and around the world.

Botox revolutionized skin rejuvenation for people who didn’t like the wrinkles and lines on their faces. It’s a safe and proven alternative to surgery that reduces wrinkles and lines on the face.

Botox won’t change your appearance, but will soften it to make you look younger and more rested. Done correctly, it merely takes away the effects of age on the face. You’ll still look like yourself, only more so!

What Makes Botox Work?

Botox comes from a bacteria made from a neurotoxin. It is injected into specific muscles on the face.

Botox smoothes wrinkles and lines by weakening or paralyzing the muscles that cause them. Recent research in Medline Plus reports that this also restores skin elasticity in some people.

It’s possible that Botox injection and medication stimulates collagen to come back, helping the face regain its youthful appearance. Another thought is that paralyzing the muscles gives the skin a chance to use antioxidants in its tissue to repair itself.

It is known that people who get Botox on a schedule can gradually increase the time between injections after a year or so.

Beware of Botox Copies

As with any successful drug, there are illegal copies of Botox out there. Some may not be effective at all. Others may be dangerous, particularly if they have too much bacteria in them.

Red Bamboo Medi Spa only uses Botox provided by its original manufacturer, Allergan. We do not use copies like disport, myobloc, or products from other countries that claim to be the same drug as Botox.

In addition, all Botox injections are given by our medical director, Dr. Francis Toscano, a Botox Gold Level provider.

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