Botox and Juvederm: Beauty AND Health

Gone are the days when wrinkles and fine lines were just a part of aging that had to be accepted.  Acceptance is no longer necessary.  Gone also are the days when the fix for these was almost worse that the lines and wrinkles themselves.  No, technology has come a very long way.  These days filler treatments such as Botox and Juvederm are fast and virtually painless.   This means the reasons for not having the procedures done are fewer, and the incentives for having them done grow stronger every day. 

Consider this.  When you feel better about how you look, are you not more likely to treat yourself better?  By the same token, when you feel you look younger, are you not more likely to act younger?  This is the premise on which the idea of these treatments being about more than looks is based.  They can actually affect the way we feel about and treat ourselves.   The potential is this is staggering if you consider that these procedures are so much more affordable and widely available than ever before.  We have no excuses not to use them to their fullest potential.

Let’s not go overboard.  Neither Botox nor Juvederm are a cure for all that ails you.  However, if looking older is making you feel older, and feeling older is keeping you from taking care of yourself the way you should and thus causing you neglect taking care of yourself, these treatments really can help.  Once you look in the mirror and see your new, younger looking self, you may actually begin to feel younger and more energetic.  The key at this point is to use that energy to strengthen your body and your mind and do your best to reduce those physical signs of aging related to reduced energy and strength.  They won’t do it all, but these procedures could just be the catalyst you need to get going in the golden years.

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