Botox – A Better Way to Beauty

Have you looked in the mirror recently and noticed that your face has become less that desirable to your preferences. Aging is great, except when it comes to the wrinkles and lines that come out of nowhere and leave you looking for anything to turn back the clock. Every year billions of dollars are spent on many different types of facial creams, serums and treatments that claim they can improve the look of your wrinkles, and even get rid of them all together. After one treatment does not work, you read some reviews online and try the next, and the next, with little to no results achieved. Have you ever wondered why your skin creams are not helping, even with long-term use? For one the creams are unable to penetrate the deep layer of skin where the actual wrinkles occur. Yes, they can moisturize your outer layer, which will make the lines appear slightly less pronounced, but you need to continue with the treatment inevitability to get any type of lasting results. Many times you will not even be able to affect the appearance of the wrinkles at all because your outer layer of skin has too many dead skin cells to be affected by a cream.

Instead of wasting a ton of money on facial creams that are never going to provide your desired results, you may want to begin looking into a treatment that will in fact provide the most visible results you can achieve. Botox in Tampa is not only one of the most popular cosmetic procedures on the market; it is also one of the most effective ones. Botox has gained its popularity because it can take years off the appearance of your skin without creating an unnatural look, which often occurs with other cosmetic procedures, such as a face lift. The results are immediate and last for about 3-4 months. Botox not only gets rid of wrinkles and fine lines, it is also used to lift the corners of the mouth that have started to droop down with age.

One common misconception about Botox is that it will make the users face feel frozen and numb. This is not true at all. You will not lose any of the feeling in your face or control over normal movements when the treatment is done correctly. The only thing that needs to be taken with caution is injections around the eye area. While it can lift the eyes to provide you with a younger looking appearance, too much Botox will make you look like you are constantly surprised. The person who is giving you the Botox treatment must first detect the size of the muscles around you eyes to determine how much Botox should be used there. Only when too much is used, will this surprised expression occur.

Another common concern is if the treatment will hurt. The treatment can be somewhat painful in the sense that small needle injections are occurring, but most doctors will apply a general anesthesia or ice to the face 10 minutes prior to the procedure, which will make it comfortable for you. A good application of Botox will leave you looking younger, refreshed and more vibrant than ever and is well worth the small sting of the needle.

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